Plaza Shamrock Awarded Funding from the City of Charlotte

Plaza Shamrock has been awarded funding through the Neighborhood Matching Grant program from our fair city of Charlotte for Organization Development! This is a treasured boon for our community and was secured by the work and dedication from the Plaza Shamrock Neighborhood Association. We are very grateful for the positive leadership and generous support that our city devotes for our communities. Cheers to all of our committed Shamrocks and Charlotte leaders! Good things are happening.

Please look through the link below to learn more about Neighborhood Matching Grants and the rich resources available at our fingertips. There are so many ways we can all pitch in to continue building on the positive growth that continues to make Plaza Shamrock so special. We look forward to knowing you!

On the lookout:

Upcoming opportunities through a spring and fall association membership drive to be involved in future projects and goals. There will be mailers to let you know ahead of time, as well as regular monthly meetings for you to put yourself in the circle of your association!

National Night Out (NNO) block party the first Tuesday in August. This is a nationwide celebration of the good relationships that make up the community in which we live. A great chance to get to know some neighbors, leaders and shakers in Plaza Shamrock. Come have a little treat and meet some great people working for your neighborhood! Get to know NNO:

Grant application for Tree Banding! Yes, we can volunteer to band together for the health of our trees and Charlotte will donate funding for our efforts. Look to sign up for this great volunteer opportunity near the end of summer! To learn more: