Welcome the Butterfly Highway

The Plaza Shamrock Neighborhood Association (PSNA) has teamed with the North Carolina Wildlife Federation (NCWF) to install our very own 6'x10' pollinator garden! This project is lead in Charlotte and surrounding areas by Angelique Hjarding, Director of the Pollinator and Wildlife Habitat Programs with the NCWF. http://www.butterflyhighway.org

The Butterfly Highway is a vital instrument in educating communities about the role we all play in the health of important pollinators, and also in creating more spaces for the Monarch Butterfly (whose numbers have been in decline due to the loss of habitat and use of pesticides) to nest and thrive. Please give a warm salute to this latest installment in our community, placed at the corner of Herrin Ave. and The Plaza, courtesy of The Giant Penny. All plants were donated by Ms. Hjarding and the NCWF, all other materials by the PSNA, and thoughtfully installed by neighborhood volunteers.

Please feel welcomed to see the garden whenever you like! Contact your association if you would like to be on the list to help with future projects like this by going to the contact us form, or emailing: plazashamrockorg@gmail.com