Update: Carwash Rezoning Petition 2016-93 at Herrin Ave & The Plaza

The public hearing that was scheduled to take place on September 19th was moved to November 21 by request of the petitioner's agent. All those interested, please make note. 

This will be the community's opportunity to be given 10 minutes to voice any concerns about the proposed change to rezone the gas station on the lot currently to a commercial car wash. Please continue your awareness of the matter. There are several other posts that hold a lot of dialogue that gives different views and possible consequences on the issue for those who would like to search "car wash" or "rezoning petition". Also look online at charlotte.gov and navigate to planning then zoning to learn more about the process. 

The public hearing is: 

November 21 at 6:00pm 

Meeting Chamber
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center
600 E. Fourth Street